O.R.S.A. has no affiliation with any of the companies listed below and by no means encourages you to select one of them over your preferred. 

Public Transit

London Transit

London Transit’s specialized transit service encompasses a range of service delivery options designed to meet the needs of the citizens of London who have a disability which prevents them, on a regular basis, from being able to use London’s regular, fixed route transit service.

Accessible Van Rental

Universal Motion

Universal Motion works with various suppliers to provide quality accessible van rentals throughout Ontario and Canada.

All of our vehicles are wheelchair accessible with manual side entry conversions. Rental vans are available by the day ($140/day), 3+ day ($130/day), week ($120/day), month, or longer ensuring that you have 24-hour transportation for all your accessibility needs.

For more information, call toll free 1-877-899-0699 or visit

Wheelchair in Motion

Looking for another transportation solution to accommodate mobility needs, consider renting an Accessible Van.

Wheelchair in Motion is a short term rental company of accessible vehicles that serve most areas in South and Eastern Ontario. Service is available west to London, north to Barrie and east to Kingston. (Delivery fees may apply) They now offer rentals in the Ottawa area.

For more information, call toll free 1-888-776-1102 or visit


VIA Rail

In certain circumstances, VIA Rail offers free travel to one companion accompanying a person with disabilities. To take advantage of this service, the special needs traveller must present, for each trip, a valid card from a recognized association or institution for persons with disabilities or a recent letter dated within the last 9 months (unless the letter states that the condition is permanent) and signed by a physician.


For more information: 1-888-842-7245 or 1-800-268-9503 (hearing impaired) or visit


Air Canada, Porter and WestJet are only a few that we have researched that have implemented a “one person, one fare” policy, whereby the attendant travels free of charge. This policy applies to flights within Canada. Please note that all applicable taxes remain payable. We are not affiliated with any of these airlines and these terms are subject to change without notice.

The “one person, one fare” policy applies to:

  • People with a disability who require an attendant to meet their personal and safety needs during a flight, or who require an additional seat for themselves, including people recognized as having a functional disability due to their obesity.
  • A medical application may be required, so please consider timing on completing and submitting the application.

The policy does not apply to:

  • People with a disability or people who prefer to travel with an attendant for personal reasons
  • People with a disability who only require a personal attendant at their destination but not in-flight
  • People who are obese, but are not recognized as having a disability as a result of their obesity

Air Canada: Medical Assistance Desk, by phone at 1-800-667-4732 or visit

Porter: Porter is pleased to offer various types of assistance if you have reduced mobility or other disability-related needs. If you’re not sure if you need a personal attendant or just a little help here and there, you can learn more about the choices you have on Our Disability Assistance Services.

For more information, by phone 1-855-542-3707 or email disabilityassistance@flyporter.com or visit

Though Porter does not fly direct to London, Ontario this may be an option to fly to Toronto Island, where you can take a shuttle to Union Station to VIA Rail or a car rental company. 

West Jet: West Jet Sales Super Centre, by phone at 1-877-956-6982 (ask for the Medical Desk) or see West Jet's Travelling with a personal attendant section on their website

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